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Ten Months Since Tragedy That Took 3 Lives, Virginia's Mike Hollins Scores In First Home Game Since Recovering From Injuries

Just amazing to witness.

Ten months after the on-campus shooting that took the lives of Virginia players Lavel Davis Jr., Devin Chandler, and D'Sean Perry, Virginia stepped onto the football field in Charlottesville for the first time. Mike Hollins, who was injured in the shooting, walked the team out of the tunnel last week against Tennessee and now scores in the first game back on campus.

A touching moment, amidst the recovery for the team, school, families, and community following the tragedy.

The whole afternoon was layered with tons of tributes and great moments, including the families of the lost student-athletes leading the team into the stadium...

...a tribute narrated by Samuel L. Jackson...

…and the numbers of Davis Jr., Chandler, and Perry enshrined in the stadium.

Some things really are much bigger than sports. I know that is sometimes tossed around as tongue-in-cheek with us here at Barstool, but that is truly the case in this scenario. It was an unspeakable tragedy, and these little things can't fix any of it, but hopefully they aid in the healing of the families, and the community surrounding the University of Virginia.