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I'm Not An Expert On "The Signs" But Getting Your Scoreboard Struck By Lightning Cannot Be A Good Omen

Early season and late season college football always seems like a roller coaster of mishaps with weather delays. Early in the year you have hurricanes and lightning delays, then at the end of the year more hurricanes and snow storms and ice falling. For whatever reason it doesn't seem like the NFL has all the wacky shit college football does with weather. 

Speaking of wacky shit. Nothing is wackier than your scoreboard getting struck by lightning. NC State hosting Notre Dame is one of their biggest games of the year. To have rain and stuff at all is a bummer to tailgates etc, now add in the fact that they are watching other games go to a halftime break and they still haven't started. Absolutely sucks. I feel bad for my trivia partner, and fellow champion (more than the Experts can ever say) Quigs. He's an NC State superfan, just let the man watch the game. He doesn't deserve a freak accident like this. Bullshit. 

Now ... to the important things. How does this affect betting on the game. 

I'm not an expert on "The Signs" I leave that to my friend Jersey Jerry. Here's what he said. 

Bad news for NC State but Chargers ML , Chargers Team Total it is … 

"The Signs"