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Viral Dolphins Fan Girl Is Nothing But AI And Proves Yet Again Why Society Is Cooked

This is going viral today and we've got people being extra horny on the bird app. Only someone as dumb as Nicky Smokes or our social guy Meek Phil would look at this photo and be that down bad:

Of course they're going to say "I knew that was AI the whole time!" after you tell them that women just don't look like that and that porn is maybe poisoning their brain. That's a discussion that JackMac will tell you about though. Where is our that motherfucker back there is not real queen when we need her?! Unregulated AI is a legit problem. Thirsty guys on the internet don't know what to do with themselves. If whoever ran this was smart, they'd just replicate this sort of photo in every football stadium around the league. It's unpatched. 3.5 million views, 5,000 bookmarks, 40,000 likes. Unbelievable. Some fella is making thousands of dollars of Twitter ad dollars off the Nicky Smokes of this world.

Anyway, for those of you that don't care she's AI, here's what you are looking for:

Yeah society is finished.