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Robert Griffin, Live On Air, Actually Said He's 'Getting Into The Thick Of It Like Kyle Lowry' ... Wait, What?!?

Imagine being Kyle Lowry sitting around tuning in to catch some college football. Maybe he wants to watch Baylor/Utah, who knows? But just imagine he's sitting there probably on an expansive ass couch and the next thing he hears is his name and thick come up. Brutal. The man can't go anywhere with people not talking about his gigantic ass. Dude's got a dumper that has Robert Griffin, at his alma mater, talking about it. That's a special type of dumper. We're talking Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Kim K, Kyle Lowry. Elite company with this thing hauling behind him

Gregory Shamus. Getty Images.

I want to feel bad for Kyle Lowry, but see the expensive ass couch, the fact he's a professional basketball player and won a title. Life ain't too shabby for Kyle Lowry and his ass. But man, RG3, why you gotta bring that up there? You gotta used so many other examples for thick and you went with Kyle Lowry? He has no ties to Utah or Baylor! He has no ties to college football! Let the man live.