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The Biggest Winner Of Deion To Colorado Might Be Ralphie The Buffalo

Look at the extra pep in the step for Ralphie today in Deion's first game in Boulder! That animal has zipped out of the tunnel that quickly in years. I'm no animal expert, but you can't tell me the most electrified Colorado crowd in over 20 years didn't give Ralphie a little juice!

Ralphie is way too great of a mascot to be opening up boring, "who cares" college football games. Having the speedy guy opening up big college football games again just feels right.

Very jealous of Eddie getting to experience Boulder and Ralphie in person.

The big question is this, though: is Ralphie the best LIVE college football mascot?

I think the answer is a pretty clear and resounding "yes." The competition is pretty great. You have Georgia's UGA, Florida State's Renegade, Texas' Bevo, Mike the Tiger for LSU, the Auburn War Eagle, or of course Smokey from Tennessee. But in terms of igniting a crowd, and giving the game an early "pop," I don't think anyone holds a candle to Ralphie. Sure, Traveler for USC, or Renegade give a big run out of the gates, same with Boomer & Sooner for Oklahoma, but the shear speed at which Ralphie exits the tunnel is tough to top.

Let's see if Deion's Buffaloes can match the intensity of the Colorado hype train, and Ralphie, today against the Huskers.