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Deion Sanders Is Fully Embracing His Inner Football Guy By Sleeping In His Office Last Night Just So He Could Wake Up And See The Stadium

There we go Coach Prime! Anyone who thought he was too glamorous or famous to pull off a notorious football guy move is clearly an idiot. Deion will do anything to win. If that means sleeping in your office just so you can wake up to see an empty stadium to signify your program's transition to being #back so be it. I love the move just because it's going to piss people off. People will call him a hardo or liar, I say embrace it. Deion is the most polarizing coach in America. I firmly believe that. There's a line in the sand, you're either a Coach Prime guy or you want him to lose every single game. 

Then again, this ain't too shabby of a view to wake up to

Ronald Martinez. Getty Images.

I'm not an outdoors guy by any means, but if you don't enjoy some mountains in the background of a football stadium you're simply a moron. Sorry to be mean, but facts are facts there. Deion could have slept in his likely million dollar house, ridiculously sized room and bed. But no, he's here to bring Colorado back. Step 1 was winning on the road, step 2 is getting that win at home in a let down spot. 

Work ethic, work ethic, work ethic.