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DON'T SAY LUMPY!!!! My Pillow CEO Michael Lindell Goes Off During A Deposition

A man has to have a code folks. First they say your pillows are lumpy, next thing they say you don't pay your taxes and you fought with ISIS. You gotta control the story before the story controls you. Get things in order or the press and media will steamroll you. My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell decided just that and went ballistic when someone had the audacity to call his pillows lumpy. Do these pillows look lumpy? 

Get the hell out of here. 

Good for this guy. You wanna lie about me? I'll come back over the top and yell at you. Low man wins the yard, louder man wins the argument that's science 10 fucking 1 baby. I'm all in on Mike Lindell after seeing this, what a stud. Don't give em an inch bro ! Hold your ground! Yell louder! Let's goooo!!!

And as you may now I have experience in yelling to win an argument myself.