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Twins Fans Went All Philly On Carlos Correa'a Ass And Gave The Struggling Star A Standing Ovation....And Then He Hit The Hardest Home Run Of His Career

Always knew the positive acts of the city of Philadelphia would spread to the rest of the country. Following in the footsteps that the Phillies fans laid a few weeks ago, the Twins fans decided to give their struggling, high paid shortstop a standing ovation before his first at-bat first his former team (for like 3 days). It was a nice gesture, you saw some of the fans get in on it. I'm sure Correa didn't mind it. Would take his mind off of him hitting .230 this season and not having the greatest year. They pulled the "Trea Turner" move on Correa in hopes that it would turn him on and it did. 

Few innings later Correa comes up and hits the hardest home run of his career. Game tying bomb in the 4th off of the team that said his ankle wasn't going to really work out. We remember the Correa - Mets saga from the offseason, an ugly back and forth that ended up with the Mets failing Correa and his physical. He ends up back on the Twins, has an underperforming season so far and then blasts one when he faces his former team for the first time. Pretty cool moment there, good for him. Got some nice little payback in more ways than one too, Twins will find themselves in the playoffs while the Mets will be on the outside looking in. 

I guess the thing to do now is give your guys who are struggling a round of applause and not an ear full on "BOOOS", maybe that is where Orioles fans went wrong with Chris Davis. So now we cheer regardless of their season stats, it's 100% proven to have the players respond positively. Would ya look at that, Philly did something good!