We've Got 3 New Jimmy Buffett Songs, Including One Featuring Paul McCartney, And One Of The Best Songs About Dogs Ever

Mediate- Beloved singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett served up three gifts for Parrotheads in mourning, posthumously releasing three new singles at midnight Friday.

Buffett, 76, “passed away peacefully the night of September 1st surrounded by his family, friends, music and dogs,” his family announced last Saturday. The news of his death brought an outpouring of tributes celebrating his music, Margaritaville business empire, environmental activism — and countless stories of Buffett’s friendly personality and down-to-earth genuine kindness.

The new songs — “Bubbles Up,” “My Gummie Just Kicked In,” and “Like My Dog” — were part of the promotion for his upcoming album, Equal Strain on All Parts, which will be released November 3, reported Vulture writer Rebecca Alter. The singles had been previewed in “short radio sneak peeks” and were now available to stream in full.

Just after Buffett passed away, Sir Paul McCartney posted this tribute to him on his Instagram

as you can see McCartney mentioned that he was “very happy” to have been able to play on one of his upcoming releases. The album credits list the former Beatle as playing bass.

The song sounds like a classic Buffett tune. Tropical, uplifting lyrics, that play upon the nautical theme of scuba diving, and the allegory of "following the bubbles to the surface". 

When this world starts the reelіn’

Frоm thаt preѕsure drop fеelin’

We’re јust treading watеr eaсh daу

There’s а way to feеl better

Вe well-sеt to weather

The ѕtorms ’til the sun shinеs agaіn

When yоur compаѕs is spinnin’

Аnd you’re lost on the way

Like a lеaf іn the wind, friend

Нear me whеn І ѕау

Bubbles up

They will pоint you towards home

No matter hоw deеp or how far you roam

They wіll shоw уou the surfаce

The plot and thе purpose

Ѕo when the jоurney gеtѕ long

Just know that you are loved

There is light up above

And the joy, is always enough

Bubbles up

McCartney wrote in his tribute "that not only was the song great but the vocal was probably the best I’ve heard him sing ever.”

“He turned a diving phrase that is used to train people underwater into a metaphor for life when you’re confused and don’t know where you are just follow the bubbles – they’ll take you up to the surface and straighten you out right away,”

“My Gummie Just Kicked In” is a song about the joys of taking edibles and having them kick in at a beach party.

Buffett gave a preview and spoke about the inspiration for the song in his last radio interview with WLNG, which the station posted on its Facebook page.

The best song of the three, “Like My Dog,” is a cover of a 2010 Billy Currington song, written by Harley Allen and Scotty Emetic, and tells the tale of a guy who wishes he could get his woman “to love me like my dog.” The song was teased by Buffet in his final social media post before he passed away, a tiktok video of him playing with his pets.


Gosh isn't that the truth? Dogs really are the greatest. They love you no matter what. The true definition of unconditional. 

I really love how much this guy loved his dogs.

I never understood the Buffett/Parrothead obsession. Until I went to my first Buffett concert at Gillette one summer I was home from college. I went because I'd heard for years how incredible his concerts were, how amazing the all-day tailgating was, and how fun a 24 hours it would be. 

It lived up to the hype and more. Probably the most friendly and nice strangers in Massachusetts have ever been to each other when it didn't involve a Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics, or Bruins championship. 

Dave wrote a really awesome blog about what being a true die-hard Buffett fan was, and what his passing last week meant to him. If you somehow missed it give it a read, it's one of the better blogs to appear on here in a long time.