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Please Give This 4-Year-Old Announcing Her Favorite Players The Phillies PA Job For Life

Now this isn't a shot at legendary Phillies PA announcer Dan Baker. He's been the man on the mic for decades and deserves the right to go out on his own terms...but I bet even Danny Boy knows this competition is fierce. Oh, you thought all Philly fans were all what the national media loves to proclaim as lowlife degens who chuck snowballs at Santa and puke on our fellow children at will? Psh. This single TikTok of pure adorableness should negate any wrongdoing that's been encountered inside or out of Seamus McCaffery's under the stadium courthouse. Listen to the cuteness cook: 

Ahora Nora. Stubbs, Stubbs, Stubbs. Bohmerrrrrrrr! AW SOSSAAAAA!!!!

Perfection. And there's a Part II: 

Get her on the mic and Ringing The Bell by Red October please. And then include her in the ever going cuteness that's captured at all Phillies parades down Broad St. I don't care if Will is in high school by now. Need him and Mama back leading the people in more unadulterated happiness.