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A Quick Ode To Weston McKennie For Basically Guaranteeing A World Cup Title After The USA Basketball Team Embarrassed An Entire Country

We know what happened. USA basketball embarrassed an entire country. I don't care if it's our C team you can't get cooked by Germany. That's not even a Dirk Nowitzki Germany team! You got cooked by Dennis Schroder. Now you have idiots claiming Noah Lyles was right - he wasn't. Let's not act like Germany (with NBA guys) beating our C team makes his asinine statement about the NBA claiming world championships right. Still stupid. 

It's time to move on from that embarrassment and a quick ode to our boys in the red, white and blue. That's right - our golden generation because they at least have the balls to say something and fire us up. 

Oh hell yes. That right there is the good stuff. That's how you get me suckered back into thinking 2026 is our year. Still outrageous that we're getting hype videos for a World Cup 3 years away, but it's qualifying season. Guys like Messi have to score outlandish goals to qualify while we can kick back and watch because we're already in. Home field advantage baby. 

Weston ain't wrong. This is as good of a shot as any for them to change soccer in America forever. You have the Messi hype in Miami. You have people buying MLS subscriptions to watch him go up against Walker Zimmerman. That's fine! Because our best players are over in Europe. We're not MLS going to the World Cup anymore, even if we still have that bum Gregg Berhalter in charge. Dump him, fire Steve Kerr and we'll be alright. 

I don't want to hear our guys say the goal is Round of 16. Fuck that. The goal is to win the whole thing. Ballsy? Sure. But when do you achieve anything without having a set of nuts the size of Dan Campbell on you? We have a talented roster to the point of one of Reyna, Musah, Weah, McKennie could be coming off the bench. We never had that before. We never had that without a coach and parents getting into a pissing match before. 

We got a friendly on Saturday. I hope we beat the hell out of Uzbekistan because we need something good to happen for American sports now. Our women let us down, the men's hoops team embarrassed us. Now it's time for men's soccer to take the glory. A 3-year run starts now, or something like that. 

Change soccer in America forever. Print the shirts, life the trophy.