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Dillon Danis Confronting Logan Paul In Person And Stumbling All Over His Words Is The Most Painful Watch You'll Have Today

Like you, I'm tired of the Logan Paul v Dillon Danis feud that has taken over the Internet over the last few weeks. Let them fight and get it over with. But it does get numbies and I am obsessed with them. I'd probably write about Stalin if he's getting me tons of clicks. Anyway, is this clip edited by Logan Paul or are we serious right now? Horrible look to wage an all-out war against a man and his fianceé on Twitter and then cower like this when you're in person. Stumbling all over your words like you're nervous as hell after sitting with Twitter fingers for weeks is the worst look I've maybe ever seen. I don't know how you go out there and fight him after this because he's 100% going to get his ass beat. He makes this kid look like Winston Churchill:

The people who hate the Paul brothers will likely try and spin this but it's pretty black and white to me. They'll probably try and tell you Dillon has a speech impediment or that he lets his fists do the talking for him. In the meantime, we gotta get Danis some public speaking lessons or teach him about eye contact because I can't bear the awkwardness of that video even a second time. Danis is on Twitter talking about how we need to "mark his words because he's going to bully the bully". Mark? We can't even understand them man!

Logan Paul by KO.