We Got A Peek Inside The Mind Of What Makes Doogs The Greatest Interviewer Of A Generation

The PLL Quarterfinals went down on Labor Day and our guy Doogs was there on scene. Now for the most part, journalists go to an event to cover the story. It's only the best of the best who go to an event and become the story. Which is exactly what Doogs did when he asked the question of the century--who should the MVP should've been?

All things considered, it's a fair question. Before the games got going on Monday, it was announced that Tom Schreiber of the Archers was named the league MVP. Being the journalist that Doogs is, he owed it to the American people go out there and question the results. Were they legitimate, or did the American voters get robbed? It was on Doogs to find out. 

The only issue, though, is that Doogs was also sent to the game to booze his face off at the Bar Down Beer Lounge. And by his own admission he's not the most literate and well-spoken guy to begin with, and that's before you pour 17 cold beers down his word hole. If we're running the diagnostics here, that's probably going to be where things started to go off the rail. But at the end of the day, not enough people are giving Doogs credit for even being on the rails at all. It was the first time all season we had 3 games in a single day. Do you have any idea how much boozing that entails? But big time players find a way to get the job done regardless. 

The world is still waiting with bated breath to find out who should the MVP shoulda been. Perhaps we'll never know. 

Now play the song(s)!