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K-Mart Customer Angry Because KMart Was Offering Period-Blood Stained Pants For A Mere 3 Dollars: Ungrateful? Many Are Saying Yes

A Kmart shopper has taken the retailer to task on social media after stumbling upon a "disgusting" find at her local store. The shopper said she was "mortified" by what she found on a clearance rack: a pair of pyjama pants with a sizeable reddish brown stain situated perilously close to the crotch area of the pants.

"Mortified by this for sale in our local Kmart," the customer wrote online alongside photos of the garment she unearthed at Kmart in Rosny, Tasmania. In the series of pics, she revealed the stain extended to the inside of the pants when she turned them inside out.

In my opinion, this is a non-story because it happened in Tasmania. I had no idea those little devils even had such establishments like KMart. They are lucky that KMart even stays open in that part of the world. 

That being said, this is a big ole nothing burger. So you got a little bit of period blood on your pants. Big whoop. It was bound to happen eventually. Plus, once the blood is washed, you're good to go. There's nothing that stays behind once it's taken a trip through the Whirlpool. You just gotta get over the fact that there's a stain in the crotch that makes you look like you perioded all over your own body but that's fine too. Ya know how I know? Christina Aguilera. If it's good enough for the blonde goose, it's good enough for the whole Tasmanian gander. 

It's part of the beauty of life. If you're still making fun of this kinda thing, you are really missing the boat and, if you are refusing a 50 percent discount on the already discounted pants, you didn't deserve them anyway. Some lucky shopper at Ross is gonna be over the moon when they see those bad boys, even if someone was on their moon cycle the last time they were worn. 

If it was poop, I could see the outrage but it's just a little monthly discharge. WHO CARES! Wear the period pants you pussies smh. 

If you wanna learn something about periods so you wont be as ignorant as our friends in Tasmania, here's a good resource.