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Time To Blindly Believe This Is The Bills Year After They Convinced Chris Berman To Pretend To Be The Godfather And Hype The Season Up

Shit, this has gotta be the Bills year now. The Chiefs have Kadarius Toney. The Bengals are still there, sure. But the Bills just brought in Chris Berman to be the Godfather in a hype video. That's how you set the tone. This how you circle the wagons and no one circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills. Gotta say Rick James Cook might have to stick. That's an elite Boomer name right there. That and the DK Bros. Any nostalgia to my childhood always, always plays. Could do some improvement to Gabe runs for miles Davis. Doesn't have that same juice as the others. 

It's been a hell of an offseason for the Bills with the whole Stefon Diggs drama, but this should ease the fanbase who is dying for a Super Bowl. I mean, I want to say I feel bad but one of those losses in the 90s was Scott Norwood, so, thank you. You could have beat the Cowboys once, that would have been nice. 

Love the Shout in the background at the end too. Always, always gets the crowd going - unless you miss it at your own wedding like myself and our beloved Clem both did. 

But the rule here is simple. You get Boomer to narrate a hype video, I'm blindly going to believe in your team.