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Bauer Re-Releasing The Yellow Easton Synergy Is Perhaps The 2nd Best Business Decision Ever

Clearly the #1 business decision ever is to buy back a company for $1 after you already sold that company for $500 million. Ain't nothing wrong with sucking up to your boss on a Friday to get into his good graces heading into the weekend. 

But after that, I think Bauer had a legitimate claim to the 2nd best business decision ever by bringing back the Yellow Syn bomb. They say that sex sells, but I'm willing to guess that nostalgia sells even harder. At least with this generation. You throw anything ut there from our childhood and they'll sell like Beanie Babies. 

It's hard to explain just how iconic the yellow Synergy was when it first came out. We were already still riding high after the release of the original Synergy. But up until that point, hockey sticks never really popped before. You had wood twigs, you had the two-piece sticks that were still typically pretty dark and muted, then you had the grey Synergy. When the yellow Synergy came out, it was the first stick you couldn't miss. 

Doug Pensinger. Getty Images.

The sight of a yellow Synergy. The sound of a pair of T-Blades ripping across the ice. The taste of an ice cold All Sport beverage touching your lips. All of these things can immediately transport you right back to 2002-03. And that's what gets the people going these days. 

It doesn't matter if Bauer puts out 100 of these twigs or 100 thousand of them. They are still going to sell out as quickly as they go up for sale. Recession be damned. I'm sure that much like everything, hockey stick sales are probably down right now. People don't have $350 to spend on a new stick heading into the season like they used to. But the yellow Synergy isn't just a stick. The yellow Synergy is a piece of history. It's a moment in time. It's not a want, it's a need. If there's one item out there that can save the economy right now, it's a yellow Syn bomb with a Sakic curve.