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Dan Campbell Is The Single Best Shit Talker In The NFL

I know we're Dan Campbell fans here, but why the hell wouldn't you be as long as you don't cheer for an NFC North team? Dude is more than just this goofy ass guy with a massive dip in. He's in the middle of making the Lions a legit team. He's also a breath of fresh air from the norm of NFL head coaches. He's not afraid to say whatever. Hell, he openly talked about wanting to ruin the Packers season last year:

Nothing he said last night was wrong. The Lions did expect to win that game. Why wouldn't they? This isn't the Colts or some shit like that. This is a team who finished strong last year, won 8 games and came into this season with expectations. But the line about not learning anything and being validated is straight up awesome. I'm sure part of Campbell is looking for validation as a head coach because it's easy to make fun of him when they are losing. 

We know about biting kneecaps and everything else. But the man who played in the NFL is shockingly an elite shit talker. I hope he does this after every win because it's who he is.