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Alex Rodriguez Almost Fought Dan Patrick Over Comments A-Rod Made About Derek Jeter's Contract

On today's Pardon My Take.. .DAN PATRICK! The sportscaster, radio host, and actor joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on today's show to discuss his new book, his hair, future retirement, ESPN, and much more. 

Patrick came on today's show with a ton of great stories, but there was one that really stuck out to me, and it involved Alex Rodriguez. While A-Rod was playing for the Texas Rangers, Patrick invited him on his show, but A-Rod declined because of something that happened during a previous appearance on his show: it involved an on the record vs. off the record issue regarding comments made by A-Rod on Derek Jeter's contract. I'll let Dan Patrick tell the rest of the story...

Hmmm. So, A-Rod thought his comments were off the record, but Patrick claims he told him otherwise? Picturing this confrontation in the locker room in my head has me thinking... if that happened TODAY with cameras and social media everywhere? We're talking a totally different ballgame. That sure would have been interesting to see. But luckily, nothing got physical between the two of them.