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'It Ain't The Same Detroit' - C.J. Gardner-Johnson Is Losing His Shit On An IG Live From The Locker Room, As One Does After A Win

I'm not entirely all too sure what's happening in this video, but this is a good summary of the game and the Lions to be honest. They are lunatics. They are coached by a man who will fake a punt on his own 17-yard line and punt on 4th and 3 from the Chiefs 40. Why? Who the hell knows, he just goes by his gut. I said it before but there's never been a more gut decision maker than Dan Campbell. Hard to make fun of him there.

But this isn't the same Detroit. Yeah, Kadarius Toney is fucking awful and I'm so happy he's not a Giant right now. 

That game also could have gotten away from the Lions. Instead they won. Old Detroit? They for sure give up that 4th and 25. No doubt about it in my mind. If not there, they for sure don't pick up the 1st down to seal the game and give up a last second score to lose. You pick, really. Shit, even Dan Campbell knows things have changed: 

That's just a fucking awesome quote. But back to Gardner-Johnson, this is a dangerous game. You can't go live in the locker room without a plan. The plan was apparently just to yell that this isn't the same old Detroit. Now let Dan Campbell have a lion on the sidelines.