New World #1 Aryna Sabalenka Finds A Way And Completes An INSANE Comeback Against American Madison Keys In The US Open Semifinals

What a match by the American Madison Keys. Hubbs and I talk shop all day on tennis as the two premier tennis fans in this office and knew her power would pose some problems. Sabalenka's issue has long been mental fortitude, or lack there of, and it clearly showed tonight after a bad start:

Love Dave saying "I bet on a headcase" which anyone who knows anything about tennis could have probably told you but he had to find out the hard way. I've gotta thank Boss Man for the extra eyes on the sport this week though. Happy to have ya. And Sabalenka is still the new world #1 and is still a beast in her own right, but the swings in women's tennis are bananas. It's why it's my favorite sport to bet in the world. The highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Want an example?

I tried to be the early bird who beat the worm and started this blog while Keys was serving out the match at 5-4 in the 2nd set and she got broken. She ended up losing the tiebreak and pushing it to a third set. That's the way she goes. Last time I do that.

Anyway, her vs Coco is going to be absolute scenes on Saturday. Cue the narrative about American tennis being fully back, and we're in some good hands on both the men and women's side. I need a cigarette after the stress she just put me through in what I thought was going to end as a dominant win. And let's hope there's no protesters who try and ruin the final or we send them to Gitmo and don't think twice about it:


That's what I would have written if Madison Keys actually got the job done. Instead we saw a brutal collapse and I am lost for words. I don't even really want this blog published, but I'm sure some of you can laugh at the fact that I wrote a WHOLE FUCKING BLOG about a win that never even happened. 


No bigger loser tonight than me. I'm going to bed. Fuck.

P.S. Imagine if she ended up choking this after forgetting you need to win 10 points in a deciding set tiebreaker? 

P.S.S. I'm still a loser