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I Wonder If Travis Kelce Now Understands Why The Giants Let Kadarius Toney Out Of The Building Last Year

Look, I've said it a bunch on this blog and I'll say it again. I'll be forever grateful for Kadarius Toney breaking millions of Eagles fans hearts in the Super Bowl last year no matter how much unwarranted shots he takes at the Giants and their fans on social media. But that quote from Travis Kelce bothered me from the jump since he was taking shots at my team's GM when he still had the New GM smell on him and has me acting like an @OldTakesExposed snitch this morning. I get roasting the Giants became the cool thing to do when the old GM was making moronic decisions seemingly daily. Yet it still was a little extra salt that went on top of the pain that came with the Giants trading a player they drafted in the first round for a future third and a sixth round pick.

Well after Week 1 of this season, I think it's safe to say that Travis found out why the Giants let Kadarius Toney out of their building despite being a super young, cheap, and talented player. It's like your buddy being shocked that a smokeshow seemingly dropped out of heaven to date him without questioning what type of baggage she may have that made her available in the first place. The three things this Giants regime preached from the moment they took over the franchise was that they wanted players that were smart, tough, and dependable. I may not know ball like Travis Kelce or even Barstool VP Of Football Operations Steven Cheah Ben Mintz. But I do know a player who is always getting into shit on the internet, constantly battling injuries, and has this type of game tape doesn't check any of the three boxes the Giants front office was looking for.

In fact, you can make a case that getting anything for a player like that was a W for the Giants, let alone turning that third round pick into nuclear weapon (when healthy) Darren Waller and that sixth round pick into DB Tre Hawkins that has looked so good this preseason that he's starting for Big Blue as a rookie.

Writer's Note: I love that handsome son of a bitch so much

Again, I have nothing but love for Kadarius Toney for helping silence the entire city of Philadelphia after the Super Bowl as well as Travis Kelce for doing the same and being a cheat code in the tight end slot for my fantasy team over the last five years. But I can guarantee Giants fans slept well a hell of a lot better than those two did. Don't get me wrong, Kadarius could absolutely still erupt for 200 yards and 3 TDs in his next game, even if that may not come for weeks or months because of some more drops, injuries, or whatever other type of nonsense he may pull next. However that type of uncertainty is the exact reason the Giants let him out of the building less than a year ago and why every fantasy manager with Toney on their team is gonna feel like they are being held hostage by their own player. 

Speaking of the Giants, isn't it crazy how mortal Patrick Mahomes looked when a chunk of his receiving corps was made up of some of the slop Daniel Jones was given the last couple of seasons? Funny how that works. Anyway, it's time for some memes!