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P-U! Kadarius Toney With One Of The Worst Nights For A WR You'll Ever See

GOOD GOD MAN. What the fuck was Kadarius Toney doing tonight?

The only way for that ball to be in a more perfect spot would be if time froze and Patrick Mahomes literally walked up to Toney, and plopped it in his hands. Not only was it a bad drop, it led to an interception at a time when it sort of looked like the Chiefs were maybe going to do the thing where they take over a game in the second half and win.

Well, luckily there is a lot of game left, and Toney would have the chance to redeem himself after stopping the Lions on 4th Down, late in the game around midfield. No problem there for the speedy wide rece--

Uh oh.

Kadarious Toney was targeted by Patrick Mahomes five times tonight for a total of ONE CATCH for ONE YARD.

He also had a third-down drop that killed off a touchdown drive…

I can't even find the video, but he also had a rush for a one-yard loss that stalled a completely different drive.

Just overall a disaster, and I can't imagine he will be a crowd favorite when he returns to the team facility for the Chiefs' next practice. FIRE UP THE JAMAL ADAMS GIF!

I know he scored in the Super Bowl, but Giants fans are celebrating the trade right now.