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Climate Protester Glues His Feet To The Ground... In The Upper Deck... At the US Open And They Shouldn't Have Stopped The Match for It

I'll never understand gluing yourself to something. What the fuck does that accomplish? People arent gonna stop ripping gas vehicles and takin private jets because some nobody glued himself to the upper deck of the US Open. Now you gotta go spend the night in an NYC jail and the tennis continues and so does everyone else's life. 

Personally, I would have just left his ass there. Let him sit there in that glue and get it all nice and dry. Let him watch the Semi-Finals and hear everyone cheer and boo and carry on while his feet get more and more stuck. Leave him there when the matches are over until all the stands are cleaned up and then help him get up. Stopping the match, rescuing him, and then arresting him gets him way more attention than he would just being a barefooted glue guy. 

Tennis delays are weird.