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The Dallas Cowboys Just Made An AI-Hologram Of Jerry Jones, Meaning That Crazy Old Bastard Can Own The Team Forever Now

Now this right here? This is the good stuff. 

I mean there's fully going to be a time when AI takes out humans and we're all completely fucked. No doubt about it. But until that day comes, we still have football. And when we have football, that means we have that senile bastard Jerry Jones continuing to run the Dallas Cowboys into the ground. 

There's going to come a day when Jerry is no longer with us. That's just facts. Chances are that Jerry Jones will have his hand in every single decision the Cowboys make until that day comes. Now we thought when that day would come, the reigns would get passed on to someone new. But now these maniacs just went out and created a hologram version of Jerruh with AI components that allow him to have a full blown conversation with you, and probably try to smooch your daughter on the lips. 

Fact of that matter here is this idea was 100% signed off on by Jerry Jones because that sick and twisted son of a gun knows this is his way to run the Cowboys forever. Hiring puppet head coaches for the rest of eternity. Constantly undercutting franchise quarterbacks for the rest of eternity. Constantly telling his scouts to eat shit and just take the guy he likes in the draft for the rest of eternity. As much as I think technology is rapidly getting away from us and too powerful to handle, at least it's given us this little treat.