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I Hate This Video Of Tom Brady and the Delta CEO Sucking Each Other’s Dicks (Metaphorically Speaking of Course)


Am I too protective of Tom Brady?  Trying to decide who he can date, who he can be a spokesperson for etc?  Maybe but I’m just like a worried parent who wants the best for him and this isn’t the best for him.   Like why would you go into business with the airline industry when everybody hates the airline industry?   And this CEO just gives off bad vibes.  Like you watch this video and you feel like you need to take cold shower after hearing them talk.   It’s just all so clearly bullshit.  I mean there is no way that Tom Brady giving ra-ra speeches is gonna make one iota of difference in how Delta is run.    Not to the mention there is no shot Tom flies public airlines in the first place.  In fact I’m pretty sure he was a pitch man for Wheels Up.  

This entire deal probably just boiled down to the CEO wanting an excuse to say he is buddies with Tom and and have Tom play catch with his kid at his birthday party.  That’s all fine and dandy but just pay him a huge appearance for that and don't drag him onto Squawk Box.  I got to imagine there are countless better business opportunities for Tom Brady than this.   Why would you pick one that makes him look like a greedy corporate schill?   I honestly can’t think of a worse fit that Tom Brady and Delta and this video only confirmed it.   Tom needs better business advisors and he needs them ASAP.

PS - This seems like something Russell Wilson would do.