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Deion Says He Told TCU RB Trey Sanders To Get Back Up From Injury Because Otherwise His Team Had No Chance Of Beating Colorado

Here we go with some more Deion media ahead of the Nebraska tilt this weekend. Half of Twitter is saying "does this guy ever shut up" and the other half is saying "This is why he's the GOAT!!!". He's in a no-win spot with College Football Twitter at this rate. You know who is in a win-win spot though? This robot blogger from Barstool Sports that capitalizes on clicks. My Deion blog was number two in the whole site behind Dave's Dragon Pizza gate last week. I'm not against about what Deion had for breakfast if it's gonna provide numbies. 

Anyway, a little wild to be like "yeah, he wanted to be here but I didn't take him" but other than that I see no issue with this. A couple coaches hugging it out and supporting a kid in what turned out to be a minuscule situation is a huge nothingburger as Portnoy would say. Damned if you do, damned if you don't in his shoes. I might sit and read through this thread for the entire night because it's hilarious how 50/50 the replies are. It makes him even more likable knowing a bunch of dorks on the Internet are ready at any moment to criticize him. That first Colorado loss this season is gonna be a special special day on the ole X app.