Steelers Fans Are Fawning Over Minkah Fitzpatrick For Protecting The Locker Room Carpet Logo And Honestly It's A Bit Much

Two schools of thought on this:

Others were quick to point out that this behavior is ingrained in him from his alma mater:

And that 'roping off the carpet logo so no one steps on it' is a tradition/superstition in other sports, too, like soccer & across the NHL. 


(Especially after that pesky Justin Bieber caused a stir with this egregious faux pas back in 2013 #neverforget:)

Steelers Wire, who called roping off the rug logo "amazing", wrote:

This latest gesture by Fitzpatrick is just the most recent example of how important this team is to him and his desire to uphold the standards and traditions that have been around for so long.

And ESPN had a whole article alluding that this is the sort of attention to detail that takes a team to the Super Bowl. 

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Part of me felt I should one-up them on the overkill sappiness and blog about how Fitzpatrick roping off the carpet will surely solve world hunger, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. Though I'm fine with what he did, the corny "wowwww!" responses have me rolling my eyes. (Maybe I'm just jealous that I didn't think to rope off my own carpet during my prime player days & it really was a mess, folks. ha ha)

But yeah, I realize everyone is excited for the new season & a little gesture like this reeks of those "SOME THINGS" vibes that sports fanatics can't get enough of, but to me it just seems like a big pain in the ass to put something in the middle of a busy room that everyone has to walk around. Maybe project the logo onto the floor with lights so footprints aren't a big deal, or put a little rug down with the logo of the opposing team you're playing that week so you can walk all over them instead. With Fitzpatrick being so motivated they'd better hope there's not Steelers logos on the locker room seating. 


Anyways, let us focus instead on a true hero doing real good from a team that actually stands a shot at the Super Bowl (again) this year.