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Let's Ask The Barstool Office Who Won The Klemmer v Portnoy Debate On Yesterday's Barstool Radio

Listen, it's a little quiet on the blog front today. I've gotta get this out before Chaps double blogs it and instantly publishes it and says he doesn't care about reblogs. I'd do the same if I needed to try and prove I was working over a weekend mere days after we lost a bunch of good men and women out there. Anyway, the number one topic in our company right now besides the billions of people standing around for Tank Cooks in the kitchen is the Klemmer v Portnoy saga. I'm a direct branch of the Portnoy tree and would have seen the demoralization that takes place when arguing with Dave first hand, so I'm not going to comment in case I get fined. 

And I can see the comments now about how the Stool is just a bunch of Portnoy yes men. The only people with a spine are the Phoenix office boys apparently. And to that, I say we ask the number one ball washer himself, Gaz:

So there you have it. The New York office's finest weigh in. Some of you probably aren't one to believe poll results regardless, but it would be irresponsible for me to not share.