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Antonio Brown Stripped On The FSU Campus And A Student Ended Up With His Phone


First things first, obviously Antonio Brown isn't doing too well, right? That would be my best guess at least. He's also been Tweeting openly about having CTE and whether he's joking or not...he definitely has it regardless. 

But second things second, winding up with AB's phone is hilarious. One second you're just hanging out with your frat bros, drinking 150 proof clear liquor out of a Gatorade cooler, texting every girl in your phone hoping to get a reply...and then next thing you know Antonio Brown is stripping his pants off in your front lawn and his phone is in your hand. It makes absolutely no sense at all, but that's where AB is at these days. Again, quite sad, but sadness aside, hilarious.

And then you, a broke college student who eats Easy Mac 9 meals a week, has to get into the Business 101 mind and start wondering how much this phone is worth. Antonio Brown made around $90 million in his NFL career. Sure he had to pay agents, managers, abortions, and whatever else, but he still has millions in the bank. Plus he knows if that phone gets unlocked, there is more blackmail potential on that thing than money can buy. TMZ getting ahold of that phone would be World War 3. Actually the more I think about it, the mere fact those kids wound up with his phone is a bad omen. Antonio Brown is so unhinged the last thing I would want to do is be on his bad side, even if he was the one who threw his pants off.

You never know what direction some of the all time greats will go. OJ went the murder route, Peyton became America's sweetheart, and Antonio Brown is...well we all pretty much can see where this is heading, and it ain't great.