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WTF? Apparently Slipknot's Corey Taylor Is The World's Biggest Meghan Trainor Fan


Even Slipknot fans will tell you their music isn't for everybody. It's definitely an acquired taste. The masks? They're scary as fuck: 

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I never gave them a chance until I saw them live at Riot Fest in 2021. They were co-headliners with MGK and playing at the same time. Three quick notes on that night: 

- That was where the Corey Taylor vs. MGK rivalry started 
- MGK was fucking awful in person, at least on that very day he was
- Slipknot was fucking amazing 

I won't try to describe the vibes of their concert because I'm too illiterate to do so, but it was melt-your-fucking-face off fun and unlike any concert I've ever been to. 

Now mind you, I listen to shit like John Prine and JJ Grey and G. Love. I am FAR from a metal-head…

…but after seeing Slipknot live, I got it. It was at that moment I understood why they've developed such a massive cult following over the last 30 or so years. No I'll find myself jamming out to them on the reg. We will even be walking out to their song Duality for our live Dozen matches this season: 

Fast forward two years later and we're sitting down with their frontman, Corey Taylor, on Barstool Backstage. It was an AMAZING interview and in it, we uncovered a little bit about the dude behind the mask. Shit like how he's the world's biggest Meghan Trainor fan: 

Going from playing in the absolute hardest band on earth to jamming out to MEGHAN TRAINOR is quite the "junkstaposition" as Red Ed would say. 

There was sincerely a ton of great convo and we ran it back at The Riviera later that night to take in a solo show of his where was playing his newest single "Talk Stick" which has a ton of old school, hard rock vibes: 

It was honestly an awesome experience through and through. 

Tune in to the interview. We've been steamrolling through huge acts and artists recently. Got Susan Tedeschi coming up in person at the end of the month.