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Unbothered: Derrick Rose Was At The Drake Concert Last Night And Played Chess For The Entire Show

I love this move by Derrick Rose. God forbid men have hobbies. Derrick Rose must be the most at peace man in the history of the planet. If we're lucky, we'll be able to be even 1/4th of the level of unbothered as this man once in our lifetimes. He just wants to be in the house with his wife and kids and he's being dragged to see one of the biggest artists in the world. Not on his watch. It's time to move his Rook to B9! (I'm not sure if that's even a correct chess term but let's roll with it)

If the Internet is still the Internet, someone will be able to zoom into this and find his Chess username and we can see his competitive ELO ranking. Nothing would surprise me less than D Rose being a grandmaster. That's a guy who locks in to absolutely anything in life and becomes the best at it. If Thibs won't give him minutes, he's working on becoming Magnus Carlsen. Respect. That's my point gawd.