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I Have The Decision Of A Lifetime To Make On Sunday: Go To My Daughter's First Tee-Ball Game Or Watch Week 1 Of The NFL From My Couch?

Hooooo boy am I in a pickle. Every father's nightmare came to life for me this week. I got the email from my 4-year old's tee ball league that said it included the schedule. Heck yeah, love a good schedule release! Then I open it and see the one date I didn't want to see. Sunday, 1:00 PM. Yes, the first Sunday of NFL Football. Week 1. First pitch for tee ball lines up directly with the first Sunday kickoff of the season. My life flashed before my eyes. What on earth am I going to do? Week 1 of the NFL is the ultimate "We made it" moment of the year. Opening Day for baseball is different, but it isn't a "must drop and watch" right at that moment, NFL Week 1 is 100% "must watch". It's a right of passage to sit on your ass all day, watch football, eat wings, and complain about your fantasy team. But when tee ball Opening Day falls on the first NFL Sunday you really are handcuffed. 

I sent out a simple tweet letting the world know about my followers and it blew up with a bunch of people asking what am I going to do. I got a lot of responses saying "hope for rain", which isn't a bad idea because there is rain in the forecast. There was a good amount of "stream it from your phone" replies which I won't do because I've never been a big "watch on my phone" guy for whatever reason. A few said "tell her to have a good game and see her at home in the third quarter". I've been weighing all options here, going over scenarios in my head. Now I'm not here to point fingers but if I ran a tee ball league for 4-year olds, I wouldn't start the league on the first Sunday of the NFL season at 1:00 PM. But again, I'm not here to point fingers at anyone. 

I wish I had an episode of Podfathers to help me make this decision on what I'm going to do. Stay at home, tell my fantasy players they have to do better since they have to make up for me starting Kadarius Toney, shove pounds of food into my face and not leave the couch for 7 hours or head on out to the ball field with a Red Bull and a bag of sunflower seeds then watch my daughter's team run rule their opponent? What would you do?

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Let's be honest, it was always tee ball. It wasn't even close to being NFL Week 1. You just can't miss their first ever tee ball game. It never even crossed my mind either. The little one only has ONE first tee ball game, have to be there. Never even thought about not being there. The fact that the league put all their games on Sunday at 1 PM is unfortunate, but you are a fool if you skip your kid's  game for NFL regular season. This is the shit us dads live for. Trying to tell the kids to run to first instead of third out of the box, an entire team of kids chasing the ball into the outfield as the batter picks his nose, some parents getting WAY too mad at their kid for not catching the ball. I didn't even give it a thought to stay and watch Titans - Saints at 1 PM. I got fantasy apps, I got the NFL app, I have friends to update me. You'll find me planted behind the first baseline watching the kids run around like they've got ants in their pants and I'll catch the NFL games after a nice snack of juice boxes and orange slices, maybe a fun size bag of Doritos too, I don't know yet. 

I didn't think this tweet would blow up and be seen over 3 million times but here we are, you know where I'll be Sunday. Find me rooting for the red team, baby.