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Jelly Roll Tells Some Fans That If They Dont Stop Actin The Fool He Would Jump Down There And Slap The Fuck Outta Somebody

Jelly Roll continues to be the people's champion. No one wants to see anyone want to get into a little fisticuffs while they are tryin to watch Jelly Roll sing his heart out. My dude just wants people to have fun at a family show. Jelly Roll is for the families out there and if you dont like it, you can take your lousy, no-good keester outta his concert in ten seconds or he's gonna pump your guts full of lead (slap you.) 

Personally, I love the approach. Too many people operate under the assumption that they wont get the shit slapped outta them. That's why all these dumb ass prank videos exist. People dont fear a good ole fashioned punch in the mouth. Wanna grab my ass at the Home Depot? That's a slap. Thinkin about puttin shampoo in my hair over and over again at the beach? That's a slap. 

(I do love those even if they are fake. They make me laugh. Sue me.)

Anyway, good on Jelly Roll for stopping people from being dumb at his show. I'm sure it'll work too because the last thing in this world you want is a pissed off Jelly Roll comin at you. My man has come a long way but like Trill Ballins, you could make him turn back into the old him just by doing some riff raff at this show.