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I Guess I'm Just An Idiot Who Doesn't Track His Juice?


I lost brain cells watching this clip. I don't know who Austin is but he obviously thinks I'm a brain dead mushapottamus. "i DoN't tRaCk mY jUicE," bro what the fuck do you think I'm laying -250, -300's? Most juice I laid on one of my picks was -165. I didn't keep track of units, I didn't think I needed to when I was betting 71% for 4 weeks. I ended up going 58-35 which is 60% so even if the average juice is -150 I'd still finish + units. It's not rocket science. 

Even when I do document everything it doesn't matter because everyone wants to say "iT's nOt rEaL," I can't win so I really don't give a fuck. Only reason why I told Big Cat to go back and watch the podcast is because like everyone else, he didn't believe me. What you think I just made up these numbers? If I was 36% and -24.3 units like Will no one would doubt it, but people like to laugh at the clown. It's ok, I like to earn my respect, even if it means I have to go 67% again. 

My Week 1 plays are already out, I'll drop the link below. Fuck em, we ball.