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The Internet Is Mad At Kim Kardashian For Posting Bikini Pics With A Smash Mouth Lyric Days After Steve Harwell's Passing

Another day of the Kardashian viral cog wheel spinning to perfection. Kim might just be a bigger version of the Mean Girls because there's nothing she can do without getting criticized! I think she's a legitimate billionaire and her selfie quality is that of potato quality, but I can sorta understand why Kanye went insane. We don't talk about Kim being one of the greatest to ever do it enough. I get it, you want more Salma Hayek, Sofia Vergara, Margot Robbie, yada yada. But there's some other cooks in the kitchen and we appreciate them in all varieties here. 

I'm not even totally sure she knows that's a Smash Mouth lyric more than a relatively common phrase and she was wearing a gold bikini. And while I'd usually attribute that to some poor social media admin who probably lost his or her job, there's no way that a narcissist like Kim isn't firing those off herself. But that's a narcissist I'd like to dine with. And honestly, do we think she's sitting in her 20 million dollar mansion listening to Smash Mouth or someone like Drake? We should appreciate the bananas timeline that the official Smash Mouth account has going:

Rest in peace.. anyway here's a thirst trap. Anyway, I say we leave Kim alone and let Kim do Kim. And appreciate greatness while it's still here. Now here's my tribute to greatness:

Kanye, Pete, Damon Thomas, Ray J, Nick Lachey, Nick Cannon, Reggie Bush, Miles Austin, Shengo Deane, Gabriel Aubry, Kris Humphries, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Michael Copon I totally understand fellas.