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Wake Up Babe, New Leo DiCaprio Girlfriend Just Dropped - Meet 25 Year Old (Shocking!) Vittoria Ceretti

It's the first day of the NFL regular season, so naturally let's talk about Leonardo DiCaprio's new girlfriend Vittoria Ceretti. Daily Mail is reporting that Leo is BESOTTED with the model. Had to go back to the SAT study book to understand that one.

Daily Mail

He’s perhaps the world’s most prolific lothario. But after years of canoodling with various much younger beautiful women, Leonardo DiCaprio has finally settled down - at the age of 48.

The Mail can reveal that the Hollywood actor has been dating Italian model Vittoria Ceretti for at least two months after they were seen kissing in an Ibiza nightclub this week.

Sources close to the actor say that he is ‘besotted’ with Vittoria who at the age of 25 is 23 years his junior. They also say that the Italian model is being referred to as his 'girlfriend.'

As I researched this Vittoria character, and by that I mean scoured her Instagram, I came across an interesting find. Not too long into the scroll you see her talking about being in love with her HUSBAND just a few years ago. Didn't expect that one. 

You know, I've got a funny feeling they're not together anymore. Tough sledding for this gent, but that's what happens when Leo gets wind that your very attractive female companion is 25 and under. No one is safe. 

Word to Victoria Lamas though. Have to think she forged a birth certificate or something there. She didn't last long, but sneaking in there was very impressive. There will be U.S. history textbooks down the road that tell the tale of Lamas. 

Long time stoolie Vittoria Ceretti is up against it though. 

There's plenty of time until June 7. 2024 rolls around though, so enjoy the ride while it lasts.