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Does This Look Like The Face Of An Athlete To You?

All I see here is a nerd! A nerd who gets shoved in lockers and his books pushed out of his hands. But alas, I was shocked to find out that this man actually is athletic? You can watch my revelation on the new episode of The Bracket. 

I never knew that Francis Ellis was an athletic person, and he did NOT take that well. I always thought he was just a bookworm! He went to Harvard! Turns out, he was an All-American lacrosse player and something about a blue chip as well. Sorry but the only blue chips I care about is if there is a side a guac! 

Apparently, this used to be Francis's whole schtick when he first came to Barstool. But I was not around for that because I am also not old. I am not gonna lie, I am kinda scared to "go after" Francis because I feel like he could probably absolutely roast me and use big words that will make me confused, but fuck it! I need to establish a name here so why not go after an easy target, a ginger! 

Congrats on the lacrosse achievements Francis! Apologies for thinking you were not athletic, I still think you probably got picked last for gym class. 

However I will say that this was semi-impressive.