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Anyone Can Get The Smoke: Indiana Mom Was Ready To Take Out The Entire Tailgate With Her Fists

Man I Love Football. This video is this year's official start of fall. Karen got a mean right hook! Her hands are rated E for everyone. I'm not sure how we don't take Indiana tomorrow against Indiana St in solidarity with this queen-in-stripes. I couldn't believe when she went for the slap:

Everyone trying to deescalate the situation but Karen wasn't having any of that. All-time pro move to put on the ring and get back to work. She had me thinking it was all over but she was just getting started. Gotta love the cameraman who clearly has a bright future in broadcasting if he wants it. Hype man of the century. I think I rule this one in Ms. Karen's favor. She was ready to protect the precious tailgate food by any means necessary. And did a hell of a job doing it. 10-8. And still!