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I Edited My First Podcast In Seven Years And Let's Just Say I Made A Huge Mistake

At this point, everyone in the Barstool universe knows about the layoffs. One of the folks who was laid off was my good pal Nick. Nick was great at producing ZBT and other things but that's not the point here. The point here is what Dave has said over and over. We gotta step up and do more. ZBT is no different and probably needs to try harder than most. 

So that's what we are doing. 

I started practicing editing the podcast and video clips the other day. I spend nearly all day on Friday using old episodes to practice and by the time I was finished 8 hours later, I wanted to take my computer and toss that bitch into the beautiful, beautiful lake known as Lake Michigan. I didn't do that. 

I pushed through the frustration and got the podcast to the point where it was listenable. Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself. 

And now you can see why I made a mistake. In the backend of our website, there's a place for us to upload the podcasts. I had never even been to that section of our backend so it was all new to me. There was a section about making ads, linking different advertisers, sources, guests, and all kinds of shit that never shows up on Apple or Spotify. So, I thought it was just a bunch of things that no one would see. 

One of the options was to "add an image." I thought it was a picture that described the episode. In the episode, Kate talks about her body essentially falling apart.

So I used the picture from her blog because that's what we talked about. 

I uploaded the podcast and was happy that I got the job done mostly on time…

Until I noticed the thumbnail. ZBT has had the same thumbnail for like 600 hundred episodes so when I saw that I changed it, I was horrified but also happy. It's a great thumbnail and I'm sure that Kate loves it too. I would ask her but she's not responding to my texts. I'm not sure why.