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I Love Doing These NYC Facts

I moved back to New York City when I got the Barstool job in July of last year. I was born here (some people here say that shouldn't count because it was called New Amsterdam back then) but we moved to Long Island when I was 2. My Dad still worked in the city and I loved going into work with him and being in the city. Even when we moved to New Hampshire when I was 9, I would dream of moving to New York City as an adult.

When I was 32 in 2012, I finally did move to NYC and loved walking around the city and exploring different places. NYC has obvious issues (that honestly have only gotten worse since then) but it's still the best city I've ever been to. It's also the most exciting place I've ever been. When I got divorced in 2016, I moved back to New Hampshire and I did pretty much consider the NYC chapter of my life closed. My wife and I bought a house in NH and NYC became a place I only visited.

Getting the Barstool job and moving back has really rejuvenated my love for NYC. I moved to Roosevelt Island which is this weird (and perfect) little island between Manhattan and Queens. It's a strange place so I thought I'd make a video about it especially the weird trash situation there.

I honestly saw it as just a quirky little video but people seemed to like it so I started doing these NYC Facts every Sunday. I know I don't have the biggest following so I probably should put them here too. TJ's Dad and someone named Casey Reynolds gave me a good kick in the head today.

They are absolutely right. So here are some of my favorites:


I've always been fascinated by the subway. I've also had a therapist tell me I might have Asperger's. I'm sure those aren't related things. But the NYC subway is especially fantastic. It is the fastest way to get around the city but Jesus Christ are certain trains old as fuck.

It's been awesome going to where these old ballparks once were. It's wild to think that 30,000 people went to where the Polo Grounds or where Ebbets Field was. Finding the Ebbets Field plaque took a while because we were looking for awhile for a parking lot. 


This one was Nick's idea and Vibbs helped me shoot this one. I'd like to keep finding smaller ones like this because even the escalators have cool stories in the city. That also tells me I'll never run out. Rone said I should do more of these than once a week. I'm going to start doing an extra one each week. It's been genuinely fun learning more about the city.