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The Astros Bludgeoned The Rangers To Death On Their Way To A Record Breaking 50 Hits And 16 Home Runs In A 3-Game Series Sweep

Sheeeeesh. Thanks for showing up Texas! What a performance by Houston these last 3 games. Ass whoopings all around. I mean legit beat downs.

None of these games were close. This is like when JV scrimmages Varsity. 39-10 combined score in the 3 game set, just incredible offense shown by the Astros. We had Altuve having 3 bombs in 3 innings, Jose Abreu had 7 RBIs last night including a grand slam. The Rangers let the Astros come into their house and pet their bellies like they were a puppy. 

What a brutal showing for the Rangers who right now are 3 games back in their division that they owned all season long and now they are on the outside looking in at the Wild Card. They look terrible right now. But the real story was the offensive explosion by Houston. 

Dong after dong, the Rangers really got dicked down in Dallas like that one country song says. They looked like they didn't even want to be on the same ball diamond and it would really be incredible if they ended up missing the playoffs after playing awesome baseball for so long. But this is just typical Astros turning it on when they need to. Like in their biggest divisional series of the year, dropping 16 home runs and 50 hits in 3 games. Those are like slow pitch softball stats. 

Sarah Langs said that the 16 home runs are tied with the 2019 Nats , 2019 Yankees and 1977 Red Sox for 2nd most homers in a 3-game set, only behind the 2020 Yankees. They were mashing the Rangers pitching, including Max Scherzer last night. Hitting 5 or more home runs in 3 straight games is hilarious to think about, the Rangers were long balled to death. 

Of course Houston gets hot right when they need to and it's going to be a dog fight for that division down to the last game.