John Daly Continues To Prove He's An Athletic Freak By Booting Some Barefoot Field Goals Before A Golf Tournament

ANNNDDD HE CAN KICK. We knew that. We saw the footage, Jerry blogged the old footage: 

But you know how you show the world you still got it? You toss those worthless sneakers in the trash, you take a break from a tournament and go boot a field goal barefoot. You're telling me he can't kick at the Division I level? You ever see a college kicker? He can for sure get a kick or two through the posts if he has to. This is just athleticism at its finest. 

Not to mention he's now kicking in St. Louis, not Denver. That bad boy would be good from 55 or so in Denver. He'd have Lane Kiffin sending him out there from 80: 

Makes me laugh every fucking time seeing that ball just flutter short of the end zone. But Sebastian Janikowski isn't an athletic freak like John Daly. Not everyone can be the songbird of a generation, elite belly flopper, major golf winner, a cannon for an arm and a damn good field goal kicker. That's reserved for the one and only John Daly.