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Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good: Professional Gamer Shows Up To Tournament In His Boxers

Comfortability is a crucial component to any elite athlete's success in their field of play. There's a reason why Aaron Rodgers is still out there wearing loose sleeves and a two-buckle chinstrap. It's how he feels the most comfortable out there while playing. Being comfortable means there's just one less thing to worry about while he's playing, and that frees him up to focus on performing to the best of his ability. 

So if you're a dude who plays video games in your boxers all day long, then you'll never be able to perform to the best of your abilities if you throw on a pair of pants. This fella right here gets it. 

You gotta let those legs breath a little, brother. Nobody who games enough to become a professional got there by wearing pants. Wearing pants while playing video games would be like showing up to the gym in a pair of jeans. You think Usain Bolt is going out there and running a 100m in a pair of Vans? Think again. 

Look good, feel good, play good is a scientifically proven recipe for success. If you ain't out there gaming in your underwear, then clearly you just don't want it enough. But let's just be thankful this guy doesn't have a lucky pair of boxers he's been wearing for years that are all tattered with holes. Then things might get a little weird.