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Are Taylor Swift And Bad Bunny Collaborating???

Holy shit. Taylor is on a break from touring right now and working her buns off in the studio. There have been a ton of artists in and out of there around the same time, all of which could be potential features or collaborators that would make our heads explode. The latest: BAD BUNNY 

As soon as I saw this picture of them a few months ago, I think I knew in my soul that they would one day do something together. Especially after Taylor just spent time in Mexico for the first time, her Latin American fans absolutely SHOWING UP for her. Bad Bunny is the biggest thing in Latin music right now (and mainstream too honestly) and these two together might be the biggest force to exist in the modern day world. Not even exaggerating. Any song they could do together would fly off into the stratosphere.

Does this mean we’ll hear Taylor speaking Spanish? That might make me choke on laughter if I’m being real. I love my girl but I know how I sound when I try to do a Spanish accent, and I can’t imagine she is much better. Hopefully whatever it is will be a duet that I can learn both English and Spanish, and that it’ll always be on at the club.