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Did Klemmer Body Me Today On Barstool Radio?

Let me start by saying this headline was obviously a rhetorical question.   No Klemmer did not body me, beat me or hand me any sort of L today on Barstool Radio despite what a large portion of the internet is claiming.  Now am I surprised by how many people are claiming Klemmer was victorious?  Our course not.   The common folk will always root for the Proletariat vs the Bourgeoisie especially this close to Labor Day. They will always root for David when he picks up his stone and casts it at Goliath.   It very much reminds of the “Pay Smitty” movement a few years back when the masses rallied to a lowly pasta salesman despite everybody deep down knowing he was freeloader with no ambition or skills or work ethic.

That’s not to say Klemmer has those same qualities as Smitty, but anybody who thinks that Klemmer “cooked” me simply doesn’t understand what it means to be a leader of men.   Yes in an ideal world all people would be treated equally.   We would all hold hands, sing kumbaya and roast smores together over an open fire.  But alas we don’t live in a world like that.  The brutal facts are that Klemmer does not bring an ounce of monetary value to Barstool.  He is essentially the last guy on the bench in terms of tenure and worth to the company.  Therefore he should just keep his head down and not be piling on other employees and drawing attention to their fuck ups and potential shortcomings.  

Now what really galvanized the masses today is the way he stood up to me and doubled down on radio and said he’d do it all over again the same way.  That he is a grown ass man and he’s come too far to not speak his mind.  He even went as far to say he would still tweet something even if he knew it could have negative consequences for the company if he felt it was the right thing to do.   That if he was the last man on the Yankees bench he would publicly chirp Derek Jeter if he thought Jeter did something wrong.  

How can you not root for a guy like that? This is all great rara stuff for people to rally around, but also has no real world practicality. Because the last thing I want to do is willfully employ somebody who brings so little to the table and is so quick to put his self interests ahead of the team.  If you are a Klemmer in any profession and you have a problem you keep it in the locker room.  You go talk to the Mean Girls and say how you feel before broadcasting it to the world.  If you still have a problem bring it to me before going public.   

Now I have no idea if the Mean Girls will work out at Barstool and I don't think it will have anything to do with Klemmer in the end, but that’s sort of irrelevant at this point.  If I think Klemmer is willing to hurt anybody’s chances to be successful at Barstool or hurt the company itself by even .00001% that’s too much for a man of his stature.   And that's what I kept hearing him say over and over today is that he would always go public regardless of how it effected the company if he felt the need to speak out.   That is not cooking me. That is cooking himself.