The Pirates Knocked Off The Brewers Today Thanks To A Brutal Strike Three Call By C.B. Bucknor To End The Game

I think it’s pretty silly to blame a team losing a baseball game on one bad call. I think it’s no different than a fan to blame losing a football game on one missed pass interference in the fourth quarter. There’s a whole lot of game before that. If you don’t want to put yourself in a position to get screwed over by an ump or official, then play better. With that said, this is absolutely maddening.

I’m not going to call this the worst strike-three call of 2023. That distinction belongs to the pitch that Justin Turner got punched out on several weeks back, but if we’re talking about worst calls in high-leverage moments, this may take the cake this season in baseball.

I've clamored before about how we need an automated strike zone in Major League Baseball, but I'll settle for a challenge system right now. This was a huge moment in a big game for the Milwaukee Brewers. They came into today 2.5 games ahead of the Chicago Cubs in the National League Central. The Cubs won, meaning the Brewers needed a ninth-inning rally if they didn't want to lose ground. This was a payoff pitch. It doesn't guarantee that the Brewers would've gone on to win, but it would've extended the game.

Angel Hernandez is the best thing that ever happened to C.B. Bucknor. If not for Hernandez, Bucknor would take the cake as the worst umpire in Major League Baseball. The guy is a complete buffoon behind the dish. His strike zone is inconsistent and shitty, and half the time he seems out of it. This is the same umpire who has called hitters out on strike two multiple times throughout his career.

This has been an awesome baseball season, but I'm getting a sinking feeling that we will have a big game decided by a horrific call this October. I feel like it's trending that way. The vibes are really good in Major League Baseball right now, which scares me. The only thing that could ruin one of the more exciting seasons of recent memory is the human element of the game that people act like is necessary.


The one saving grace about Angel Hernandez is that we won't have to worry about seeing him in the postseason. He's played his way out of that role. The same can be said for Bucknor. They often give playoff games to guys who have been around for a long time, and he's been around forever. Here's hoping he can tighten his shit up for a few playoff games, so we don't have to worry about calls like this.