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Police Release Video Of The Philly Local Convicted Murderer's Escape And Holy Shit He May Be Jason Bourne

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Well this isn't fucking encouraging. You mean to tell me this literal murdering psychopath has not only been on the lamb for 6+ days but can also scale walls like Peter Parker in his prime? No es bueno. No es bueno, indeed.

Hey, PA's finest - FIGURE IT THE FUCK OUT. This dude was already toying with you by going into suburban houses to make sandwiches and have a goddamn light show. He's also been strolling thru Longwood Gardens without a care in the world, which is swell, until you realize that area is RIGHT IN THE COP'S SEARCH PERIMETER.

Seriously, Cops/Feds/US Marshalls/Hardo Civilians, this is getting ridiculous. Step it up and catch this danger to society. It's easy to joke around and stuff but this psycho is the worst of the worst and needs to be far away from the public. You don't stab your girlfriend up to 40 times to death in front of her two small children and get any sort of civilized treatment. Capture this piece of shit and send him thru the jail and straight to hell.