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Women At The Minnesota State Fair Are Tossing Their Bras & Panties Off The SkyGlider & Onto A Children's Farm Barn

Shoutout to TikTokker/actress Lisa Evanson who took her dad on a wholesome amusement ride & wound up in panty-land.  

Hand up, I underestimated the spiciness of Minnesota women. Beneath all the hot dish & purple Vikings pajama pants are some real fancy under-duds, and the rooftop of the Kemps Little Farm Hands building is reaping all the benefits thanks to it's location directly under the beloved state fair SkyGlider. 

What exactly is the Kemps Little Farm Hands building anyways? According to the fair site:

A free agricultural education exhibit for kids (3-10) where they become farm hands and experience the agricultural process, beginning at the farm and ending at the market. Children and their families fire up their imaginations to help with farm chores. Meander through the Field of Knowledge to get an up-close look at sugar beets, wheat, a variety of corn, sunflowers, pollinator-friendly flowers, bikini bottoms, G-strings, thongs, boyshorts, Hanes big'uns, and a wide array of braziers complete with cup sizes ranging from A to at least one shocking double J.

Cute as a button, love that. 

Apparently this tradition has been going on for nearly two decades now, when what started with a couple trinkets being dropped here and there lead to a whole wave of items. 

Over the past 17 years, people have released a menagerie of stuffed animals, sunglasses, cookies, paper fans, keys, change, dozens of hair ties, unwanted corn cobs, a plunger – you name it, it falls off the ride. One year a prosthetic leg even came down from the sky.

Then came the bras & panties. Kudos to whoever Mel is because she appears to have the biggest set on the roof so far, and also, not underwear related but I'm dying to know what's on that VHS tape resting gently on that peach lingerie?? 

As for what they do with all those sexy items - they actually hire some guy to come collect it, but no clue who he is or what he does with the stuff.