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Skell Of The Week - The Guy Who Allegedly Poured Green Dye In A Pool And Ruined People's Summer

NY Post - Residents at a New Jersey inn saw their summer ruined after a man used a drone to drop green dye into their pool repeatedly, leaving kids and adults alike sobbing in the heat.

Patrick Spina IV, 45, was arrested Monday in Absecon after allegedly terrorizing local pools for months with sea dye, transforming the clear blue water into a nasty neon green.

Sandra Woolstion, operator and general manager of the Quality Inn in Galloway Township, said her customers have been targeted dozens of times since late June, ruining their summer fun.

“The girls are standing here like, ‘Oh my God, we want to go swim.’ Some of them were crying,” she told ABC 6. “I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?!’ I myself cried. I went into my office and I had a meltdown.”

Altogether, Woolstion said, it cost her several thousand dollars to repair the pool, as the sea dye caused serious damage to the concrete base.

Certain things are sacred. Sunday mass. Football in the fall. The 99 cent Arizona Iced Tea can. And Popcorn in a movie theater. They should not be changed, altered, or screwed with. They are traditions. One of those sacred things is swimming in the summer. As I write this it's 382 degrees on the plane back from Chicago and I'm already having a panic that I will be hot the entire trip. 

Nothing is worse than being hot. NOTHING. Once it hits June 1st the best way to cool off is a body of water and you are lying if you say no. Now I know all my people out there who have read me before are saying what about the Air Conditioner and sitting in the AC. Of course I'm still chairman of the board with my AC gang, but that plunge into cold water hits different. Long day of work, after a workout ... right in the pool. Don't even have to stay in long, just that plunge in and you're good for a while. Also, when it's really hot staying in a pool or ocean is so peaceful. I know this because during two of my vacations this summer I went to the ocean and then a resort with an ocean and a beach.

Now this guy allegedly just screwing with innocent people's pools should have a special place in hell. Do you realize how many events revolve around pools in the summer? Kids inviting friends over, moms sitting by the pool gossiping over a liquid lunch, 20 something girls sitting out and tanning (a favorite for Smacky Jables). Birthday parties are usually at the pool. Kids need to play games in the pool and love it. They will be in the pool for hours without a care in the world, and now we got some dope dropping green dye just for the hell of it. What a dirtbag. Absolutely no need to ruin pools. I'll be honest I rather someone shit on my door step then tell me I can't go in a pool in the summer. Does this asshole realize what happens when people get hot? It's horrible. What a shitty shitty move. Skell of the week...and hell I'll say it ... Skell of the summer.