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I Love Cardinals HC Jonathan Gannon Being An Absolute Hardo About Who His Starting QB Will Be On Sunday


Oh noooooooooo! 

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Who will it be???? Josh Dobbs who has been on the team for 3 weeks, or….hold on a second please….or…..ah yes, 2023 5th round pick Clayton Tune. I bet Jack Del Rio is up late nights and having early mornings over Josh Dobbs and Clayton Tune. 

And let me say this, while I appreciate the gamesmanship from Gannon, "I ain't telling you anything" is objectively hilarious. We aren't deciding between Tom Brady or Peyton Manning here, boss. 

And if whoever he decides between Dobbs and Tune ends up tearing the Commanders a new asshole, Jack Del Rio should be on the first rocket into the moon. Sunday has to be an absolute beat down from the Commies to the Cardinals. Not a classic Ron Rivera 17-14 squeaker, but an annihilation. I don't care that Sam Howell has next to no experience, we CANNOT lose on Sunday to the QB-less Cardinals, led by this dweeb.



Washington by 100. HTTC.